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Douneside House extends a warm welcome to military guests, with exclusive accommodation periods and discounted rates.

Following the tragic deaths of her sons, Lady MacRobert wished for Douneside House to be used as a holiday home for members of the British Armed Services. To continue this valued tradition, Douneside is booked by the MacRobert Trust from mid-July until the end of August every year, as well as during the annual Christmas period, for the exclusive use of serving and retired Commissioned Officers of the British Armed Services and their families.

During these periods, Douneside House further welcomes Officers of the Reserve Forces and Air Training Corps; Army Cadet Corps and Sea Cadets, together with their families and guests. Serving and retired Commissioned Officers of any NATO or Commonwealth countries can also take advantage of these blocked-off dates, with accommodation rates being subsidised by the MacRobert Trust during the exclusive periods.

Military Personnel at Douneside House 2
Flag at Douneside House
Military Personnel at Douneside House

Military Discount Rates

While Douneside House welcomes non-military guests outside of these special dates, the discounted hotel rates are valid for members of the Armed Forces throughout the year, and are also applicable to all ranks of the Armed Forces’ organisations as mentioned above.

To find out about our special military rates, or to make a reservation during the exclusive military periods, please click on the link below. Please note: the exclusive periods and discounted military rates at the hotel are not available through our online booking system.

Douneside House Memorial 2
Douneside House Memorial

Military rates apply to serving or retired members of the armed services and their immediate families (parents, children or siblings). Immediate family can stay at Douneside House without a member of the armed forces as long as they are 'sponsored' by the member of the armed forces. These rates are not available through our online reservation system.

To make a reservation please contact us, or leave us a message below:

Military Reservations: +44 (0) 13398 81230


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